Welcome to the webpage of Jackartlope Studios.  This page is used to house all of the social media links of Jackartlope and any other relevant information.  Please navigate using the buttons above.

Jackartlope was started in August of 2018 in and around sometime during Hurricane Florence. After becoming addicted (thanks to my 8 year old daughter) to doll customizing videos on YouTube, I decided to try it myself and found that not only did I love doing it, I also had a talent for it! I completed my first doll in September, and from there it progressed into what it is today.

I also offer realistic black and white drawings of people, animals, or even abstract concepts for a nominal fee. Everything I offer is hand made by me, unless otherwise stated.

If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me in a small way, consider donating any spare change to my Ko-fi by clicking the button below.